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Sunday, 20 Sep 2020
10 : 48 : 18 PM UTC PM

About Us

There are auction and listing sites that both have draw backs. Draw backs such as horrid contact seller system, which are difficult to find to access and annoying security codes that you have to fill out for every listing you come across. Having to do this negates the chances of the end user getting a response from the poster, is well anyone's guess. That the thought of, the social networking of advertising converge would be the best of both worlds. The ability to get instant customer to seller interaction is what this site is based on. The end result are faster communication between both parties, wider exposure to your friend's and follower's on either social network site, with a high possibility of same day sale needs. Thanks for visiting and happy Listing!

In support of the coalitions around the United States, Dropbyme will contribute .099% of its based fee proceeds in support of the 99% movement. Power to the masses and the American people.